Kurdistan is where life, culture and history began

This is about Howraman - the oldest human's habitat on earth. Stay with me!

Kurdistan is where life, culture and history began

More than 50,000 years ago a tribe that we call Kurd left their mark upon the world in the land that some believe was the Garden of Eden.

Archaeologists believe, it was here within this Cradle of Civilization that the Kurdish ancestors started animal husbandry, Agriculture, Metal work, Weaving and Poetry.

Kurdish girl in Howraman, Kurdistan of Iran.

In the battle of powerful empires, the Kurds lost their homes regularly in medieval history within 18 century and resorted to nomadism. BUT there was an exception due to the impenetrable position of the mountains
and it was the Howraman valley, that remains one of the less well-known territories and most spectacular areas in Kurdistan of Iran.


The history of the Kurds dates back to more than 50,000 years ago, when proof of Old Stone Age (Middle Paleolithic) were found in a 6 caves in Kurdistan and in one of them many flint implements of the Upper Paleolithic period were found.

Archaeological research shows that the land was inhabited by human since Middle Paleolithic Period.This evidence were discovered by archaeologists near Hajij village in Howraman that includes stone tools made by Neanderthals. Also some evidence of Late Paleolithic occupation were found in a cave in the area.

Village Life

Villages are stacked in a unique structure, one house's roof is the next one's yard. An example of this kind of structure is Pawa(Paveh) city that is the biggest stepping city in Iran.

This proximity of the houses to each other has a direct impact on the culture among the people of the village, in such a way that the people of Howraman are famous with the most hospitable people in Iran.

If you rotate this image you will understand the magic of Howraman- Style villages.
Thousand years old Palangan Village, Kurdistan of Iran.

Historical monuments

In Kurdistan of Iran there are several Historical Monuments like 'Bisotun' as the largest stone of the world and the first known Persian text, and the works of the Achaemenid dynasty (520 BC) in Kermanshah province and 'Quri Qala Cave' as the longest cave in Asia with 12KM length, The history of 'Quri Qala Cave' is 65 million years.


Bistoon (Bisotun) inscription.
Quri Qala cave.

Also you can visit Taq-e Bostan known for its rock carvings (bas-reliefs) of Sasanid origin (3rd to 7th century ad). 


Taq-e Bostan .

So if you are interested in the origins of mankind, Howraman is where your journey begins.

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